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Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center

2013-WWM-Volunteer Outside with DogThe Friends of Virginia Beach Animals, originally the Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Control, was founded in 2006 by concerned citizens of Virginia Beach to help the animals and the staff at the city’s municipal animal facility. To stay up on current projects and adoption successes, "like" us on Facebook. Just click the Facebook button above!

Friends of Virginia Beach Animals is dedicated to ending homeless companion animal overpopulation and euthanasia of healthy adoptable, and treatable animals in Virginia Beach. We work together with the shelters and local area rescue groups to find homes, provide medical care, promote spay/neuter, increase adoptions and support Virginia Beach shelter staff to create a healthy, caring environment for the animals housed there.

KurandaOne of our first endeavors was soliciting the donation of Kuranda Dog Beds for all of the kennels. Until that time, all the dogs had was a towel or an old blanket on a concrete floor to lie upon for hours each day. Within a few months of our initiated effort, each dog kennel had a new Kuranda Dog Bed with more on the way. These beds are comfortable and, according to some of the staff, since these beds arrived the dogs are noticeably calmer, prefering to lie on the bed than to stand at the cage gate and bark.


Adoption Events
2013-WWM-Vol at Neptune FestFriends of Virginia Beach Animals supports local pet adoption events where adoptable dogs and cats are taken to special events like the Neptune Festival and to local pet stores such as Petsmart to promote these wonderful pets to prospective pet adopters. These adoption events have helped find homes for dozens of pets that might not have been so fortunate were it not for the efforts of our wonderful volunteers. 


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