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what you can doAll area shelters are in need of donations for dog and cat care.  Things that would be VERY helpful include:

Cardboard trays (soda/beer case bottoms) for cat litter                                   

Cat litter 

Old sheets/blankets/towels

Watering cans 

Poop bags  (plastic bags from newspapers would very well!)2012P7 Ice's Web Photo

Wet/dry cat food and kitty treats

♦ Dog treats

♦ Peanut Butter

Animal toys (medium size for dogs) 

Newspaper (not the glossy pages, thanks) 

♦ Pet crates/cages.

Please deliver items to your local shelter. 



Getting ready to deploy? Check out this special resource for military families:

Military Foster Care 4militaryfamilieslogo

Previous military deployments have often been accompanied by increased levels of animals being taken to animal shelters but a call to duty doesn't have to mean giving up your pet. Many soldiers have chosen the option of foster care for their animals. Oftentimes a family member or friend is able to foster for a time, but in the event that no one is available, check out this website for organizations specializing in placing military pets into foster care:
For more info, more help:


Unable to afford veterinary care for your pets?
Check this website for a list of helping organizations:

Organizations Helping Owners who Can't Afford Vet Care

More Helping Organizations:
Pet Guardian Pet Service,Inc.  We offer low cost boarding to assist pets and rescue animals that are in Transition or Crisis. Broad Sreet, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Call for details 757-375-1360
Website: Pet Guardian Pet Service 


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PO Box 55205 •  Virginia Beach, VA 23471  •  info [ at ]